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One of the hardest times for me as a dog mom was when Sassy got spayed. Having your dog spayed can be scary. I didn’t know what to expect or what to do. I’d also had a few friends get their dogs spayed that had some complications so I think that made me more afraid. I hope this post helps someone out there feel a bit better knowing what to expect in general! Every puppy is different, but today I am going to share our experience. This is what to expect after your dog is spayed!

Taking Sassy to the Vet

We got Sassy spayed because we had no plans to breed her, so she can continue to be boarded when we travel, and go to daycare.

I was worried sick about Sassy the whole day. I ended up calling the vet’s office shortly after her procedure to check in on her. They said she did great and I was so thankful and relieved!

This is what to expect after your dog is spayed, as well as information on our experience and tips on how to care for her post-spay.
Sass hated the e-collar and kept flipping it the wrong way, silly girl.

Coming Home

I managed to get her into her crate in the back seat and boy, was she MAD at me. On the way home, she whined. I felt awful for our poor sweet girl. I kept telling her we were almost there. She was still super groggy when we got home. She wouldn’t come out of her pet taxi when we got inside. I laid a blanket on the love seat and eventually she came out, and I laid her on it. She fell asleep pretty quickly.

She stayed there most of the evening and didn’t eat. I brought her water bowl closer to her so she wouldn’t have to move much. She eventually went back to her pet taxi to rest, and I figured if that was what was comfortable for her, we’d let her stay there. She slept in there overnight and felt much better the next day.

This is what to expect after your dog is spayed, as well as information on our experience and tips on how to care for her post-spay.
Our poor baby girl 🙁

The Next Day

The day after her spay she ate some dry food, drank a lot of water, and was walking around more. She kept trying to jump up onto the couch, but we couldn’t let her so we’d lift her up onto the couch. She wanted lots of snuggles and I gave them ALL to her.

We were watching QVC together when I took this. lol

Post-Op Recovery

The hardest part of Sassy’s recovery period was keeping her calm. In true puppy form, after the first few days, she’d chewed holes in her e-collar (aka the ‘cone of shame’ lol). We had to go get a different one and about 5 days post-op she ripped that one to shreds too so we gave up, lol. We kept a close watch on her and she was good about her incision site and didn’t bother it. We had her spayed during her Christmas break from daycare so we didn’t have to worry about her playing too hard with other pups.

Sassy recovered fairly quickly. It took longer for her fur to grow back than for her incision to heal. She was back to her happy puppy self in no time!

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  1. Jessica S. says:

    I just got my 5.5 month old Husky puppy spayed today and it is a struggle for me knowing that she is in pain and I cant help her. She is a wild child so I am nervous about her ripping her stitches once she is back to feeling better.

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