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Visiting the Kansas City Zoo was one of the highlights of our trip to Kansas City! I highly recommend visiting the KC Zoo because the animals are well cared for, you will learn a lot and the zoo is just gorgeous to visit! The scenery is amazing and it is a huge zoo!

Zoo Information


  • $18.00 adults ages 12 and older
  • $16.00 Child/Senior (ages 3-11, 55+)
  • Free admission for children ages 2 and under

These prices are based on your not being a member or local.

Best time to visit: You can find an up-to-date list of visiting hours here. We recommend visiting in the spring or fall for ideal weather conditions. We visited during the summer right when the zoo opened and it was an enjoyable visit!

Location: 6800 Zoo Drive, Kansas City, MO 64132. The Kansas City Zoo is located in historic Swope Park.

Parking: Free! There is a large lot.

Size: 202 acres

Rides: African Sky Safari, Carousel, Zebra Tram, Train, and Boat

The Kansas City Zoo opened in 1909 and is now home to over 1,300 animals!

The KC Zoo features a Sea Lion Show, Keeper Chats, elephant painting demonstrations and many other opportunities for animal encounters. Visitors can take a tram, sky ride or safari boat ride across the lake to the Zoo’s African Plains area where you can see zebras, giraffes and other African animals!!

Helpful Tip: Download the Kansas City Zoo map to your phone so you always have it handy during your visit!

The Kangaroos free-roam!

One of the things we found the coolest was that the Kangaroos (which we hadn’t seen anywhere before) were able to roam their area freely. There were fences and gates keeping them in but they had a HUGE area to both chill-out and explore.

The Sky Ride

For a small fee, you can do the sky ride over to the Africa section of the zoo. You can choose to do it round-trip or one-way. It looked super fun but we took the tram instead. Next time we are doing this one though!!

Ride the Tram

We walked over to the Africa section of the zoo but we took the tram back. It was a long walk even for us so we recommend you take the tram if you have kiddos or grandparents with you!

See the Animals Up-Close

At the Kansas City Zoo, you will be surprised just how close you can get to some of the animals! I couldn’t believe how close we were to the elephants, some of the cats, and the penguins.

Penguin Plaza

You absolutely have to check out Helzberg Penguin Plaza! There are different types of penguins and they are all so much fun to watch! They are always super active and we even got to watch the keepers feed the penguins when we were there. The zoo also has a penguin cam that is pretty fun to peek in on from time to time.

Do you have any tips for visiting the Kansas City Zoo? Let me know in the comments below!

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