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We get a lot of questions about how we handle certain Husky-specific problems and today I’m here to provide you some answers! Regularly, I am asked about what kind of products we use for Sassy so today I’m dishing on them all. If you have a Husky (or really any dog), this post is for you! Here are the top things every Husky owner needs!

Wondering how to handle Husky-specific problems? Today, I'm here to provide you some answers and product recommendations for things every Husky owner needs!

For the Dander

Air Purifier

Having an air purifier in your home is essential whether you have allergies or not. I love this model because it has a permanent air filter you clean with your vacuum. No having to change filters all the time!

I recommend having two air purifiers if your dog sleeps with you like Sassy does.

Home Air Filter

No link for you here because everyone needs a different size, but it’s a solid idea to splurge for a home air filter that is specifically for pets. It will greatly reduce the dust and dander in your home.

We replace ours MONTHLY instead of every 3 months. Pricey, but worth it!

For the Fur

Robotic Vacuum

If you have a Husky, making the investment in a robotic vacuum is almost essential. This will help you maintain the fur on your floors.

We had a Roomba, but it barely lasted two years with our Husky so we switched to our favorite brand, Shark. (This is NOT sponsored by Shark although it’d be really super cool if they did sponsor us because we love them.)


We love the Heavy-Duty Dry Swiffer pads for picking up Husky fur off of our laminate and tile flooring. We use our Swiffer daily!

I don’t notice a huge difference in the Heavy Duty Wet and regular wet pads other than they last longer. But there is a HUGE difference in the Dry pads. Definitely try the heavy-duty dry pet pads out for yourself!

Both dry and wet are great for maintaining the floors between vacuuming.

Shark Pet Vacuum

I’ve had this vacuum for over 10 years and it has stood up to the test of time AND Husky fur. I’ll never buy a different brand other than Shark.

For the Pup

Jiminy’s Dog Treats

We received some Jiminy’s dog treats for Sassy and we loved them so much we’ve continued buying them. They are healthy treats and she devours them! You don’t have to wonder what’s in these treats as the ingredients are clearly listed on the product and their website.


Husky owners are prone to arguing about this one, but the Furminator is the best brush on the market for Huskies. You cannot change my mind! The coat rake cannot touch what this bad boy does.

If you have a Husky, you need one. It is a bit pricey for a dog brush, but you and your floors will thank me later!

Dental Care

Brushing your dog’s teeth is essential and Sassy’s vet recommends doing it daily. (She actually said twice a day, but let’s not get wild here, doc!) This is her favorite toothpaste (it tastes like chicken!) and the vet-recommended dental chews.

Got something else we should try? Tell us in the comments below!

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