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We always love a visit to the St. Louis Zoo! Since we are about 2 hours outside of St. Louis, we are frequent zoo visitors. The kids love to go and we love taking them. Our personal visits to the zoo include experiencing the zoo and then the kids get a new stuffed zoo animal from the gift shop. 🙂 We definitely make the zoo a full day event! Here is what you’ll see visiting the St. Louis Zoo!

The St. Louis Zoo is home to over 17,000 animals of 600 different species! The zoo is 90 acres, so pack your walking shoes! 🙂 These are only some of the animals you’ll see at the zoo, but they are the most popular animals at the St. Louis Zoo!

Penguins & Puffins

Animals you can see at the St. Louis Zoo by LauraBedokis.com

The most important animal for us to see is always the Penguins! All 3 boys (husband included in this) love to see the Penguins, and I have to admit that although they are a tad stinky, I love them too!

Polar Bear

Right next to the Penguins is the polar bear named, Kali! She’s very fun to watch. Sometimes she’ll play in her ice or water. She is a beauty!

For a while, St. Louis didn’t have a polar bear so when they brought Kali in, everyone was super excited! She’s definitely one of the zoo’s stars. 😉

Grizzly Bears

Animals you can see at the St. Louis Zoo by LauraBedokis.com

Next to Kali, located in ‘The Wild’, is the Grizzly Bear exhibit called Grizzly Ridge. Huck & Finley are the residents here! They are so cute (since they can’t get to us, that is)!

They are always up to something in their enclosure!

Another thing we love about the St. Louis Zoo is that the zoo is always very clean and the animals always look healthy. You can tell they are well-cared for. You often can see the caretakers in the exhibits when visiting also.


We don’t always visit every exhibit with the kids in tow, so we always have something new to check out with them (pro tip!). This time, we took them into the Insectarium where there is a butterfly geodome area.

Animals you can see at the St. Louis Zoo by LauraBedokis.com

If you are a fellow butterfly lover, you may also love to visit the Butterfly House in Chesterfield, a suburb of St. Louis.

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The kiddos wanted to pet the stingrays at Carribean Cove, so we did that too. Here’s Cam petting a stingray! I remember when this exhibit first opened and the lines were giants. People went bonkers, but now it’s pretty easy to get in (except of course on SUPER busy days).

With a bit of coaxing, Charlie petted the stingrays too. He was scared at first but once the rest of us did it he HAD to join in. 🙂

Snow Leopard

Cam loves cats and so the big cats are always a favorite of his! The Snow Leopard is normally kind of hard to see, but we actually got to see him up and not napping this time!! Cam loved it!


Animals you can see at the St. Louis Zoo by LauraBedokis.com

This lion was snoozing away. The lions have a huge exhibit and you can see them from many different angles. The design of the zoo is really great in this exhibit and many others. There is always a good angle to see the animals!


Animals you can see at the St. Louis Zoo by LauraBedokis.com

My step-son’s favorite animal is the elephants so we had to swing by their exhibit. It’s normally pretty easy to see them since there are about three different places to see them from. They have a huge exhibit at the St. Louis Zoo, deservedly so, and they take advantage of it!


Last, but not least, my personal favorites – the giraffes!

Animals you can see at the St. Louis Zoo by LauraBedokis.com

They were snacking on some grass when we swung by their place. They were as beautiful as ever!! I’ve seen the giraffes indoors as well and they have a pretty cool home inside too! They are normally always hanging around outside though.

Have you ever been to the St. Louis Zoo?

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