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Simplifying life is such a popular topic right now. How can it not be when we have so many things coming at us these days! I find myself really desiring to feel less bogged down and overwhelmed. I’ve found that by really paring down and getting back to basics, it really helps my anxiety levels. Let’s talk about how I’ve simplified my life this year!

#1. I cleaned out my closet.

Yes, just like Eminem, I cleaned out my mental closet by joining group life coaching, BUT I also cleaned out my actual closet!

I had so many clothes that didn’t fit me, that didn’t bring me joy, and that I just shouldn’t be wearing anymore at the age of 29. I got rid of two giants bags of clothes. It felt freeing and I feel like I’m really honing in on my style now!

#2. I started saying no to people.

This was a big one for me, y’all. I’m a ‘yes girl’ through and through and have been a social butterfly for the last several years of my life.

I am finding that in order to make time for things that really make me happy, bring joy into my life, and feed my soul, I have to say NO sometimes. Most nights, I just need to watch TV with my husband and my Husky to be happy!

Yes, girls’ nights are good for the soul but I am more intentional with spending time away from home now though because I actually LIKE being at home now. (I didn’t love being at home in my past relationships.)

#3. I decluttered my belongings.

Ya know that junk drawer you have? Ya know that closet that’s always messy? I decluttered those bad boys. I had way too many craft supplies. I purchase things to make stuff for birthday parties, Christmas, and other special occasions and then hang onto it “in case I need it again”. I never need that crap again, so I finally pitched it.

#4. I quit shopping.

I am a reformed Amazon Prime Queen! I am trying to pay off some serious student loan debt (to the tune of 5 figures) and so I had to cut back on my shopping.

If I want new clothes, I now make myself sell some items of clothing on Mercari and only when they sell do I purchase something new!!

#5. I paid down some debt.

Oooh, this is a hard one. I’ve carried debt with me for over TEN YEARS. It sucks, and it hangs over my head constantly. (Don’t get credit cards, kids.)

Last year, I got really serious about my finances because I turned 30 this year. I’ve been SLOWLY (and I do emphasize slowly) paying down the debt I’ve racked up from two divorces, student loans, Cam’s private school tuition, and more.

It has been a delight to get out from under those expenses and I can kinda finally see the light at the end of the tunnel!!

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