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If you are trying to cut back on expenses, you may be considering pulling the plug on your gym membership. Or maybe you are just trying to decide whether or not you should join a gym, to begin with! Joining a gym is a personal decision, but I will tell you that joining a gym in 2018 changed my life for the better! Let’s ask yourself some questions to decide if YOU should spend money on a gym membership!

Is spending money on a gym membership a good idea?

The only answer person who can truly answer that is you! You’ll need to decide if you are actually going to use your membership and if you can fit it within your personal budget.

You may want to consider getting a gym membership if you are looking to improve your health or create new, healthy habits.

Another good reason to join a gym is if you’d like to meet new people. You may feel better working out in a gym or if you are in a class, that might help you stay accountable for your fitness goals.

Can you workout at home instead?

You may want to consider working out at home! If you have space and basic equipment like a workout mat and weights, you can do workouts at home.

You could get workout DVDs or even watch workouts on YouTube with a Roku (I love the free Tone It Up workouts!).

Most importantly you’ll need to be disciplined enough to do your workouts at home and not put them off! 

Find a gym within your budget.

Of course, if you are joining a gym, you’ll want to find one that is within your budget! Creating a budget and knowing how much you have available to spend on a gym membership is one of the most important factors.

If you are wanting to keep your gym membership, but it seems overly costly for you, consider switching gyms. Do some research and visit other gyms to make sure they have all the equipment you like to use. 

Gyms normally have someone who can show you around before you take the plunge of joining or switching. Many times you can even try the gym out with a day pass!

We switched gyms at the end of 2019, and saved $55 per month by joining Planet Fitness!

Deciding to belong to a gym is a personal decision, but one you can easily make if you weigh all the options!

Can you workout outdoors?

Taking your dog for walks or running with a friend in the park is completely free! Perhaps working out outside will save you some much-needed money while helping you stay in shape.

You could also go to your local tennis court, go golfing, or play basketball at the park! If it’s cold or rainy outside, consider that some churches and schools have gyms you can use or tracks you can walk on also.

It might take a bit more planning to work out outdoors, but it could save you at least $120 or more per year!

Are there additional benefits to being a member of your gym?

The gym we used to belong to worked with local businesses to provide discounts on haircuts, massages, smoothies, supplements, and tickets to our local frontier league baseball team’s games! It sounds great, but we didn’t use a single one of these benefits (even though we attended some of those baseball games!)

We now go to Planet Fitness and they have free classes, Pizza Mondays and Bagel Tuesdays! We haven’t used them yet, but we are still saving a lot of money and that’s why we switched.

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