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We went to San Francisco for 3 full days. We decided to leave on a Thursday and come home on a Sunday. (We actually spent one full day in Napa on Saturday.) San Francisco was an amazing city! For us, it was one of those cities that just felt like home. If you are a traveler, then you know what I mean. Sometimes you just click with cities and this was one of those cities for us!

We got in really late on Thursday night, so we started our sightseeing on Friday at Chinatown checking it out. Check out more about our Chinatown adventure here. Later that afternoon we explored Pier 39 and Fisherman’s Wharf. So cool to see these in person and just chill. We saw the iconic sea lions and had an amazing view of Alcatraz from here! We didn’t have time to do Alcatraz, but we are definitely doing it next time. Three days isn’t nearly enough and you’ll realize that if you’re doing a similar trip.

After that, we visited Ghirardelli square and went to the Ghirardelli shop, and learned how they make chocolate. It was absolutely swamped when we went! It was a little misty/rainy so it was nice to warm up with some hot cocoa!

We went in February and the weather was surprisingly chilly. Apparently, this is the norm though and San Francisco stays pretty cool year-round. We learned very rarely are they freezing cold or super hot. Also, depending on where you are in the city, the temperature will be different. So when you are packing, always plan on layers!!

We took an Uber down to the marina and checked out the Wave Organ. Definitely a must-see! The waves go through the rocks and make noises like that of an organ. It was crazy!! There was a fantastic view of the Golden Gate Bridge from here too!

That evening, we headed to Top of the Mark to have some drinks, and that was where my now-hubby proposed the idea of us buying a house together! (Fun fact: we actually have the coordinates of ‘Top of the Mark’ as tattoos now!) You MUST go to Top of the Mark and check out the city at night from there. Hard to take photos of but SO beautiful!!

We stayed at Hotel G on Geary Street (You can read more about our stay here!), and before we headed out to Napa, we stopped at Vista Point to check out the Golden Gate from there. It was drizzly and cold but we still had a great view of the bridge from there! We had a nice man who had a Canon camera similar to mine take our photo, BUT apparently there was drizzle on it. I still love the photo.

We spent the day in Napa which you can read about here, and ended our day with a wood-fire grilled pizza from Sandrina’s!

We set out on Sunday and saw the Painted Ladies & the ‘Full House’ house before we left! Then we had to turn in our rental car and jet back to good ‘ol Southern IL. Our trip was amazing and I CANNOT wait to go back!! I literally dream of that trip constantly still.

Which of these sights have you seen in San Francisco? Tell me in the comments below!

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