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I had the best food of my life in Paris and we made it a point to eat EVERY single meal. Although we could have splurged for a fine dining experience since we were on our honeymoon, we spent most of our time eating meals well under a generous budget. From croissants to au gratin, and foie gras to cheese these are the best places to eat in Paris!

Disclaimer: I am not a food photographer. lol

Le Cafe Gustave

23 Ave de la Bourdonnais

Our first meal in Paris! I had a divine cheese ravioli, and Hubby & I shared a chocolate mousse dessert. I don’t know if the ravioli and chocolate mousse is the best in Paris, but they were the best I’ve ever had in my life! I ate my ravioli before I even remembered to take a photo. Oops!

Cafe Benjamin

53 Rue de Rivoli

In Paris, they serve coffee in the tiniest, cutest cups you’ll ever seen. It was delicious! This was a quick breakfast because we were headed to the Louvre. I had a croissant, with Butter (of course!), and Hubby had a plain baguette.

Le Bistro des Augustins

39 Quai of the Grands Augustins

This place has the best au Gratin! It is a must if au Gratin is your jam. We met another couple here that were from Canada and they were just the nicest people. One of my favorite parts of traveling is the people you meet. This bistro is very close to the Notre Dame.


60 Rue Saint-Dominique

This is where we had macaroons! Like nothing I’ve ever had before, they were out of this world. We just happened upon this place while walking back to our hotel.


38B Ave de Suffren

We had an amazing wood-fire Grilled Pizza with Ham & Mushrooms here. We ate outside and had a true Paris cafe experience. It was great to enjoy the cooler temps of the evening outside while having this pizza. The service was pretty quick here too which was a plus and it wasn’t far from our hotel.

Le Dauphine

237 Boulevard Saint-Germain

I had their Ham & Mashed Potatoes (comfort food!) and Hubby had a Quiche with Side Salad. This was a cute little place. Amazing mashed potatoes!


52 Rue de Saintonge

Oh, Candelaria, you forever have our hearts. Candelaria is Paris’s first authentic Mexican taqueria, but it is also a Speakeasy! The tacos here were DIVINE! It is a Paris must. It is so tiny and you sit and watch them cook your food behind a bar. So fun! We found this place on Trip Advisor and knew we had to go.


29-31 Rue Saint-Louis en l’Île

You cannot go to Paris without visiting Berthillion which has the best ice cream on the face of the earth. I had a cookies & cream ice cream and we ended up going back a few days later and I just had plain chocolate. Out of the world, you guys! Go. Now. I neglected to take the usual ice cream photo because, well, I ate it before I could y’all.

Le Louis IX

23 Rue des Deux Ponts

Le Louis IX was recently acquired by a new owner! From what we understood, the new owner had made great improvements on the menu. Bonus points to him from us because his adorable puppy was there! That was something you’d NEVER see in the US, but it was so charming and we loved it. We even got to give him a pet! We sat at the bar and really enjoyed the meat platter we had there.

Chez Ribe

15 Avenue de Suffren

We went here twice because we liked it so much, and it was so close to our hotel. Great service and great food! One night my husband made fun of me because I got a burger and french fries, but I had to have FRENCH fries while we were there once! 🙂

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