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Confession time!! I’m a serial over-packer. I attribute this to my anxiety a little bit in that I’m always afraid I will need a particular something when we are traveling to a new destination. Also, add the anxiety of being an ocean away from home and I was afraid I’d forget all sorts of things. My husband, on the other hand, once packed only a duffel bag for a week in Europe! Men! Let’s chat about the 10 things to pack on your long-haul flight!

Tips for packing your carry-on for international flights. Plus, 10 things to pack on your long-haul flight and links to great travel accessories.

What I Packed

Travel Pillow – I got a memory foam cooling travel pillow. I wasn’t sure I’d like it, but I actually loved it and will not go anywhere without one from now on.

Travel Blanket – I actually used a small pink beach blanket I got for free from Victoria’s Secret several years ago, but this one is very similar to it. It was so comfy. I was so thankful to have my own blanket to travel on the planes with.

iPad – I took my iPad on the flight and we used it to play games (crosswords, the game of life, word searches).

Liquids Bag – I always throw my liquids in a quart-sized Ziploc. The bag I bought from Target broke so I ended up going to my old go-to, but I’m going to purchase the two pack I linked to for our next flight. I pack eye drops, liquid eyeliner, mascara, lip gloss, and any other liquid makeup musts in here. Including my moisturizer and hand sanitizer! I got a tiny, tiny bottle of hand sanitizer and refilled it with my bigger bottle so that it wouldn’t take up so much room in my liquids bag.

Magazine – I took two magazines with me – a Redbook I got in the mail a few days before we left and a special issue of TIME/LIFE on Dogs because it was about dogs y’all. (I left the Redbook on the plane for the next person but kept the dog magazine.)

Earbuds – A must on long flights, I use these earbuds religiously because the Apple earbuds hurt my ears.

Compression socks – I have a problem with my ankles swelling because apparently, I’m 70 years old, lol. So I wear these on planes. Michael makes me wear them overnight on our trips after walking all day too because my feet are always swollen.

Extra set of clothing – I only took one extra set of clothing on our trip in my carry-on this time. I think my whole packing strategy will be different next trip, but for this one, one set of clothing was fine.

My camera & accessories – Ain’t no way I’m leaving my Canon DSLR to the baggage people. No offense baggage people, but you really like to throw suitcases and I’m not about that for my camera!

One book – I read Lethal by Sandra Brown and I highly recommend it. It was a fantastic book and I can’t wait to read more of her books, actually. I don’t recommend taking more than one book though. Next time, I will leave the physical reading material at home and just use my iPad.

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What I Didn’t Bring

I always see people saying to bring a reusable water bottle and a sleep mask, but I didn’t. I buy a water bottle before boarding, and they serve refreshments on the flight on the way to the destination. But if having water constantly is your jam, you’ll want to bring your own. Also, they have always shut out the lights on all the flights I’ve been on, so I never needed the sleep mask.

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