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We live in the Midwest and we can have some pretty toasty days during the spring and summer. We often have temperatures in the 90-100F levels. It can be challenging keeping our Husky both exercised and cool.

All dogs can suffer from extreme heat but Huskies in particular are at risk due to their heavy and oftentimes dark-colored coats. They are at an even higher risk of heat stress due to the fact that they are so high-energy and that dogs don’t sweat.

Today I’m digging into our go-to tactics and showing you how to keep a Husky cool in the summer!

1. Always keep water available.

Whether you are inside or outside with your Husky you always want to have cool water on-hand to keep them hydrated and help cool them down.

Add ice cubes to the water so it’s extra cold or give your Husky ice cubes directly. Sassy absolutely LOVES ice cubes inside or outside.

2. Let them rest in the shade.

After some play time, find a shady spot to let your Husky rest. Bonus points if there is less grass because dirt is actually cooler!

3. Get a kiddie pool.

Huskies actually love water, as long as they can get in on their own terms! Get your Husky a kiddie pool and fill it with water for him or her to splash around in during the heat of the summer.

Be sure to always dump the wading pool out after using it to keep it safe from excessive bacteria and bugs. And if you have a puppy, be sure to supervise him or her as they can easily drown, even in shallow water.

4. Purchase a self-cooling dog mat.

A self-cooling gel dog mat can be great for keeping your Husky cool. It is pressure activated and can “recharge” itself within 15-20 minutes so it can help re-cool your dog down frequently. It is portable so you can take it when you travel or anywhere you and your Husky go together!

5. Purchase a patio misting system.

Surprisingly affordable, the MistyMate Outdoor Misting Kit can keep your Husky cool on the hottest days. It assembles easily and Huskies love the cooling effect the fine mist has on them.

There ya have it! My go-to ways to ensure that your Husky stays happy and cool in the summer! I hope it helps you enjoy more of the summer with your heavy-coated bestie!

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