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I don’t quite know how to announce something so exciting! I kind of want to do some crazy loud drum roll or something (but let’s be honest, it’s awkward to do those things alone!).

Today I am FINALLY announcing, sharing, and showing off the new web home of my new blog. WOOP WOOP! It’s been years in the making – I had to learn my amazing new platform, merge everything together, make brand new pages, design a whole mobile-friendly website and countless other little details… all completely under wraps to you all until a few weeks ago.

So how? Why? When? I’m sure you’re wondering so I want to break it on down for you!

WHY: Well, I’ve had the same host and wordpress-based website since I started in 2018. It was beautiful and simple but it looked and felt just like other blogs to me. As I’ve honed in and owned my brand, I realized I was totally done blending in. I wanted elements that I had never seen before and TOTAL control over my website design.

I have been designing websites since I was 13 years old (no joke) and I wanted mine to look completely unique and beautiful.

I wanted it to be easy to use and completely different than any other dog or travel blog you’ve ever visited! I wanted handwritten elements, a few little video snippets, and other pieces that just felt like ME and what I love.

As I have expanded my brand from just dogs and travel to so much more, I wanted a space on the web that contained ALL the things that I love from social media to starting your own business, photography to graphic design, and so much more!

HOW: I designed this website myself after teaching myself Showit a few years back to help out one of my clients.

One day, when my WordPress blog was broken YET AGAIN, I decided I’d had enough. It was time to get a better host with better support and a platform where I could make this space uniquely my very own!

I had all the ideas in my head of what I wanted to do. I just had to get them out! And so I did it! I moved everything over and I did it all myself.

It was a bit sketchy around here the past few weeks, but everything should be really put together now! There may be a few bugs here and there. If you find one, just holler at me.

WHAT: So what was it that I wanted in a site? It was easy, I wanted: high end, laid back. That’s exactly who I am!! I share dog education and training tips, travel spots, I do quality work, I serve my clients, and I believe in an amazing experience for all. But I’m a girl who feels most herself in leggings with Husky glitter on them and a messy bun!

I wanted a site where anyone who needed me could enjoy the experience from dog mamas to adventure seekers to fellow bloggers & friends!

The page I wanted couldn’t alienate one crowd from the other and I wanted people to click on and feel like they knew “me.” Not just the dog mama side or the adventurous side, but the TOTAL “me!”

It’s all about the experience and I wanted it to FEEL like an experience just being here. AND I WANTED IT TO BE COMPLETELY AD FREE!

Because I don’t give one single care about ad revenue and I find them super annoying when I’m trying to do a DIY or recipe and ads keep poppin’ up all over the dang place!

So now what? I want you to poke around, click around, and enjoy! I want you to feel the heart I have poured into this new website for you.

Sure, it’s just my little corner of the world wide web, but to me it feels like an exciting new home!

Take off your shoes, grab a glass of wine and know that no matter who you are, you are welcome here.

Sending you all my love,

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