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Over a month ago now, I got sent to work from home because of the Coronavirus. Sassy and I both have been loving it. Real talk, it will be SO hard to go back because it suits me so well. However, sometimes she does make it kind of hard to stay focused. Here are 5 tips on how to work from home successfully with your dog!

Start your morning right.

Pets thrive on routine just as much as humans do, so creating a new routine for your pup is essential! Whether you decide to take a walk or just relax with your pup and do some journaling, your furry bestie is learning all about what to expect from you in the coming days. So set yourself up for success.

Take frequent breaks.

It’s important to take breaks from your work. It is very easy to work into the evening. Avoid that by taking frequent breaks. Sit outside while your pup is outside, play with them away from your workspace, or take them for a walk around the block. Anything to break your day up just a bit and get you and your pup active.

Here is a photo of Sass while we took a break to sit outside and get a bit of sun!

Use your lunch break for walks.

If you take a lunch hour, use it to walk your pup. It will get your dog active and moving and will simultaneously wear him/her down so you can get some work done after lunch. You can set yourself up for a very productive and quiet afternoon with ‘walkies,’ as we call it here. 🙂

Give your dog a kong.

Need to distract your dog while you’re on a conference call? Put some peanut butter, treats or Kong cheese in a Kong for your pup! They will be distracted while you get your meeting done. Then be sure to take them outside for a break.

Have you been working at home with your dog?

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