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As Husky owners, we anticipated that there would be extra cleaning involved due to all the shedding. I think I speak for all Husky owners when I say that it is sometimes surprising how much they actually shed though. If you are a meticulous housekeeper, a Husky is not for you.

Our girl is ALL Husky. She loves to dig and sheds like no tomorrow always. The worst part of the year is the coat-blowing seasons. (I’ll have to do a separate post on that because it’s a whole other ball game!) Today I’m sharing my best tips at managing all the floof that comes with being a Husky owner.

#1. Get a robotic vacuum.

My husband won ‘husband of the year’ when he purchased me a Roomba for Christmas last year. I put the Roomba on a schedule with the free iRobot app, and it vacuums our home daily while we are away at work. It is an absolute lifesaver! (Just make sure you have all your cords and socks picked up.) I also shut doors to keep it out of rooms we don’t want it in (like my son’s room because he constantly has legos on the floor).

I replace the brushes and filter and least once a month. I clean them regularly though so they don’t get too worn or furry before it’s time to change them out.

#2. Implement a cleaning schedule.

I have a stricter cleaning schedule for myself now that we have a Husky.

She sleeps with us so I wash our sheets at least once a week (twice if her shedding is really bad). Our throw blankets in the living room get washed weekly also.

We used to have rugs in the living room and kitchen, but I actually got rid of them because they got so run down. I will purchase new ones and when we do have them, I’ll have to vacuum them once or twice a week depending on the kind of rugs we get.

I vacuum the couch weekly and our bedroom at least twice a week.

We dry Swiffer our living room and kitchen daily on top of the robot vacuum running its route.

We use wet Swiffer pads to mop at least 2 times per week. We do this much more if its been rainy and Sassy’s got muddy paws. We do cut down on having to do this by stopping her at the door and washing her paws.

#3. Get a steam mop.

We picked up our steam mop on Black Friday about a year ago and it’s been a lifesaver! We have a Shark and love it.

#4. Purchase neutral-colored furniture.

I know not everyone can just go buy new furniture, but when you do go purchase a new item or throw pillow, neutral colored items help hide the fur a bit. Gray and beige are great at hiding Husky puppy hairs!

#5. Get a great pet vacuum.

Shark makes a really great, affordable vacuum to pick up pet hair and dander. It does a really amazing job on our carpet and rugs. I think I only spent $150ish on it. It has literally lasted me 10 years. I replace the filters in it once a month since we have Sass now though.

#6. Change your air filter monthly.

Most air filters say you can wait 60-90 days to change them but we don’t. We change our HVAC air filter monthly. We found it was building up with dust more regularly than we thought so we now change it monthly and it has really helped with the air quality.

#7. Get an air purifier.

Air purifiers are an inexpensive way to clear the air. We have ours in the living room which is where we spend the most time with Sassy. I replace the filters monthly – you’ll be surprised at the reduction of dust and doggy hair.

Keeping your home tidy with a Husky is possible. It’ll never be perfect and there will always be fur around, but if you stay on top of your cleaning routine it’s manageable.

  1. Sandy says:

    I love it when people come together and share ideas.
    Great blog, stick with it! https://eleganzamagazine.com

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  3. Lanelle Hair says:

    Love it

  4. Kami says:

    Hi Laura,

    I have 2 siberian huskies one that is 7 and one that is a little over a yr old. My 1 yr olds name is Aspen and my 7 year old is Nikita. Aspen is a digger we didnt have all of this with Nikita she dug but Aspen has out entire backyard a mud pit do you have that same problem and are mopping every day?

    • Laura says:

      Hi Kami! So excited you’re here!
      Sassy definitely dug a lot more when she was a puppy/younger dog. You may see Aspen cut down on digging a bit as she gets older! That being said, it is very possible that digging is just something she enjoys more than Nikita!

      There are definitely times when we have to mop daily if it’s been raining a lot. This is when my Swiffer comes in handy! I use the wet swiffer pads to get up the mud in between floor moppings.

      Also, when I know there will be mud, I just stop Sassy right at the door though just as she’s come in and I wash her paws. Maybe keep some doggy wipes or a wet cloth handy for when Aspen comes back inside so you can wash her paws immediately. Doing this really helps cut down on the mopping. A few other ideas to try would be getting a paw washer off Amazon (makes paw washing super fast!) and getting a super absorbent rug (made specifically for dogs) for in front of the door so it soaks at least some of that moisture and mud up!

      I hope that helps!! 🙂

  5. Ruth says:


    What air purifier do you have? Any recommendations? Thanks.

    • Laura says:

      Hi Ruth!! We have this one: https://amzn.to/3eNPBlx. It works very well. We replace the filters monthly. I am about to buy another one for our bedroom!

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