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Fireworks are fun for humans, but not-so-much for our furry besties sometimes! We are lucky that Sassy doesn’t really care about them, but many dogs get really scared.

Here is how you can keep your dog safe & calm during 4th of July celebrations!

#1. Keep them indoors.

The best thing you can do is keep your pup inside during the holiday if they are scared. This will reduce their stress and it also gives you peace of mind that they are safe. It reduces the likelihood that they will run off if they get scared of the loud bangs.

#2. Use a thunder shirt.

Thundershirts and jackets are great for anxiety and can help during fireworks sometimes too. Be sure your dog is already used to the shirt or they may associate the shirt with fireworks.

#3. Turn on the tv, soothing music or a fan.

Background noise in your home can help drown out those loud bursts of noise your pup is so sensitive to!

#4. Exercise your pup early in the day.

Wear your pup out with a run or walk during the day or play with them extra so they get sleepy and worn out. If they are tired and you are drowning out the noise, they may just sleep right through all those fireworks!

#5. Close curtains and blinds.

If you find the fireworks are very close, you can try closing your curtains and blinds. By not seeing the fireworks, your dog won’t be overstimulated. Since dogs are sensitive to sights and sounds, they can seem a little less scary not seeing what is creating all that racket.

#6. Distract your dog.

Play with them indoors or use a mentally stimulating toy to get them focused on something other than what is going on outside your house. There are all sorts of levels of difficulty and size options on these types of toys.

#7. Keep them close.

Stay near your pup and give them extra pets and cuddles if they want to be near you. Being close to you is likely soothing and if your dog is afraid, you should really stay home with them. The last thing you want is your furbaby to be home scared and alone. If keeping them calm means you staying home, well, that’s what you signed up for when you got a pup! 🙂

#8. Be sure microchip and ID tags are up-to-date.

In case of an emergency, be sure to have a recent photo of your dog and that their ID’s are all up to date.

We hope this helps you have a safer and happier 4th! An upset pup is not fun for anyone!

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