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One of the most common questions we get asked about Miss Sassy is “does she shed a lot?” The answer is a resounding yes! Sassy sheds quite a lot, and I’ve discovered that wearing the color black is just not an option for me anymore! There is a lot of debate on how to best groom a Husky’s coat, especially between Husky owners. I think every dog is different though, so I thought today I’d share what’s worked best for us and Sassy! This post covers how to groom your Siberian Husky!

How to Brush a Husky

Click here to read tips and tricks on how to groom a Siberian Husky, including recommendations on the best shampoo, rinse, brush and more!

Brushing Sassy is the biggest task of all her grooming. She does NOT like to be brushed, contrary to what this photo shows. I had a Beagle when I was little who absolutely loved it, but our Husky girl doesn’t. In fact, she tries to get away most of the time. I always go with the regular fur direction when brushing Sass with this undercoat rake, and do it pretty gently but firm enough to get the undercoat out.

Even though the rake looks a little harsh, she has a double coat and it helps get out all the fur you normally wouldn’t get out. After this, I use a double-sided brush (like this one) to give her fur a smooth finish and grab any surface hairs!

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Giving a Husky a Bath

Click here to read tips and tricks on how to groom a Siberian Husky, including recommendations on the best shampoo, rinse, brush and more!

A lot of people feel that Huskies should rarely be bathed, which is true to a point. We only bathe Sassy maybe once a month. The only reason we may give her more than one bath is if she rolls in the mud. When I do give her a bath here, I use this I Love Pet Head De-Shed rinse. We use an all-natural shampoo, and for in-between maintenance, we use an Earthbath spritz. It smells SO good and it lasts for a long time. We’ve had this one for at least 6 months and we still have over half left. I also use dog wipes on her fur and paws in-between baths.

I got this dog bath mitt that also helps loosen any fur that’s trapped in her coat. It really helps a lot when shampooing her. The hardest part of bathing Sassy is keeping her in the tub and rinsing her out. The shampoo is pretty hard to get out of her fur so I make sure to really rinse her well.

Sass is not super great about staying in the tub, but it’s better now than when she was a pup. We used to put peanut butter on the tub in order to distract her when she was little.

After her bath, I towel her off with a towel like this one and let her do a good shake. I towel her off some more and then let her air dry inside. She doesn’t like the hair dryer, and if it’s too cold, I don’t want her getting too chilly with her wet fur.

Getting a Professional Groom for Your Husky

Occasionally, we spoil Sassy and we let her get a bath at her doggy daycare, especially if she is in the middle of a coat blowout. We have them do a de-shedding bath which means she sheds quite a bit in the first few days following it, but it does work well when she’s blowing her coat.

Huskies should never be shaved or trimmed. That’s one of the benefits of having a Husky really! They really only need brushed regularly and bathed occasionally.

This post was not sponsored and all opinions are my own, but it may contain affiliate links that support my website & Sassy’s toy fund.

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    I just love pets, happy to see that you care so much for husky, Thanks for sharing such amazing post. Cheers!!

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