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I’m Laura and I’m a ShowIt designer
for creatives & small business owners.

If you are overwhelmed by all the options, frustrated by tech you don’t know how the heck to use, and fed-up with wasting time & money on a website that doesn't serve you, I get it. Been there, done that! I’m here to help you create a site that makes you feel as good as that cozy cardigan you pull out every fall.

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Laura is an exceptional designer with the work ethic to match. I hired her because I needed foundational design work for myself and my clients, and she always delivers. She’s my favorite check to write each week. I pay her with a big smile because I’m smitten with her work, and great design always pays for itself in spades.



another happy camper



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Choose a template that fits your needs and your business. Don't love the fonts and colors? No worries, I'll help you customize the colors and fonts! (If you dig it just the way it is, that's even cooler!)



Customize Your Website

Mark your GCal, we've got a date! It's time to get your website out into the world! I'll show you how to customize your jazzy new template AND write your website with my free course. And bonus - we'll do it in record time!



Prepare To Be A Client Magnet

Say sayonara to feeling self-conscious and hello to feeling confident in a matter of DAYS (not months). You're gonna wanna share this with everyone! Get ready - you're about to attract ALL your dream clients!

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tim & Melissa

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