Are you ready to raise a happy, healthy,
well-adjusted puppy?

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Hey new puppy mama!

Does any of this sound familiar?

#1. Do you feel anxious about your puppy’s first few days & weeks at home?

#2. Are you feeling overwhelmed by all the food choices for puppies?

#3. Are you wondering how to know if a certain breed of puppy is right for your household?

#4. Do you want to know how to successfully house train your puppy?

#5. Do you wish there was a no-nonsense guide that wasn't 300 pages long that told you what to expect from your puppy throughout all the ages & stages?

I get it, I've been there.

I’m Laura Bedokis, and I created Happy Healthy Puppy just for new puppy parents like you.

Because I was there too a few years back. My husband and I brought home an 8-week-old Husky puppy just under 3 years ago and we had NO idea what the heck we were doing. I felt totally stressed and unprepared.

I created this eBook to save you time and show you exactly what we did to raise one of the sweetest dogs I've ever known. I assembled all of our strategies and tips and put them into this one guide just for you.

I’m  giving you what you absolutely need to know without all the fluff! I can help you have one of the happiest pups on the block - let’s do it!

Hi there!

Happy Healthy Puppy is my complete guide to your puppy's first year with you.

Covering topics like: 

How to think like a puppy
Having everything ready when your puppy comes home
Puppy-proofing your home
How to start house training your puppy
Creating a schedule and routines for your puppy
and more...

What to ask the rescue, shelter, breeder, friend or family member about the puppy you want to adopt.
How to know if a specific breed of dog is right for you.
What to buy for your new puppy & how to give your pup his/her own space no matter the size of your home.
How to puppy-proof your home to keep your furbaby safe.
What to expect on the ride home and the first few days & nights.
Basic health information like info on puppy teething (yes! it’s a thing!), vaccinations, and the developmental stages of puppies
How to house train your puppy
What to do with your puppy while you work.
How to crate train & the reasons why it is actually great for your pup.
How often to feed & if the food has all the nutrients your puppy needs.
How to make sure your puppy is getting enough exercise and play time.

what's inside happy healthy puppy?

If you are tired of reading page after page of Google searches and you want a fluff-free guide to raising a puppy, this is for you.

Coming home with your puppy on the first day and feeling stress-free knowing you have everything you need for him or her.

Knowing what to expect the first few days and weeks so you can prepare yourself mentally (and physically – you’re gonna need some caffeine!) as your puppy adjusts to your home.

Creating a routine for you and your puppy no matter what your lifestyle is, so your puppy learns what to expect from you.

Knowing what your puppy is thinking at different ages and having the ability to give yourself patience and grace as you both learn about each other.

Knowing how to play with your puppy the right way so he/she is friendly with other people and dogs.

Imagine this...

Then there are the


New Puppy Shopping List
First 24 Hour Survival Guide
Sample House Training Schedule
First Week Home Checklist
Puppy Socialization Checklist
Vaccination Guide
Dog First Aid Kit Checklist
Printable Puppy Profile
Puppy Milestone Tracker
Puppy Training Checklist

You'll get...