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The first night at home can be scary for both puppies and their owners. The puppies are in an unfamiliar place and the owners are nervous about being in charge of such a precious little pup! I remember it very well. You just want to make sure your pup is as comfortable as possible.

Let’s focus on how you can make the first night (and few week easier on yourself and your puppy)!

Get Active

Before turning in for the night, be sure to take your puppy for a walk and to get some play time in so your puppy can settle down a bit easier.

Take Time Off

In order to get off on the right paw, we recommend taking the first day or two to be at home with your pup. This will help you both get settled in and will give you time to being bonding with your puppy. 

Your puppy will be scared her first few days in your home and that is normal. It is helpful if she realizes you aren’t going anywhere and you are going to be there for her.

Arrange Your Pickup On A Friday

Try to arrange your pickup on Friday so you use the weekend to have even more time to help your puppy settle in.

Keep Your Home Quiet

Let your puppy settle in and get used to his/her new surroundings before inviting people over or starting a home improvement project. As I said, he or she will likely be kind of timid and scared still. Your pup is just getting to know you and you don’t want him/her startled by a gaggle of guests the first day.

Show Your Pup Her Crate (aka “Safe Spot”)

Establish boundaries by immediately introducing your puppy to her safe spot (her crate). Let your puppy explore it and eat in it. Put some treats in the crate so he or she enters it on their own. Sometimes it can help if you add a blanket over the top, but be careful that your puppy doesn’t somehow chew pieces off of it. 

Be Prepared Mentally

Prepare your mind and your body physically. Realize that you likely won’t sleep and that the sleepless nights are only temporary.

Put yourself in your puppy’s shoes and think of how you would feel if you’d just been removed from a home you’d known since birth. You’d be unsure and curious too. 

Be patient with your puppy and give him or her lots of love. Focus on your pup and learn about her. With time, you’ll be best friends and have your routine down pat!

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