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Recently, I saw a really cute dog food container online. The problem? It was $64 from Pottery Barn! I decided I could definitely DIY my own dog food container myself for MUCH cheaper. I really wanted something that complemented our home, but also was functional enough to store a whole 20lb bag of her food.

The Problem

Her food was in a plastic container (similar to a cereal container) in our pantry cabinet, but it was taking up a whole shelf and she already has another shelf for wet food and treats. It was just taking up too much room, but I loved the idea of having a super cute container to store her food in.

So, I decided to DIY one myself since I love a good craft project! And it ended up turning out super cute!! 🙂

I only had to purchase spray paint for less than $10!

I used an old popcorn tin and spray painted the main part teal and the lid gold. You may have noticed teal items around our home and it’s because it’s our ‘accent color’. 😉

Here’s how you can make your own!

Items needed:

  • Popcorn tin
  • Spray paint (1-2 complimentary colors)
  • Cricut or another cutting machine
  • Black or white vinyl
  • Newspaper (to spray paint on)

Step #1: Spray paint popcorn tin.

This is the step that takes the longest. Take the lid off and sit your popcorn tin on it’s top and spray paint the entire outside with one color. Use an accent color to do the lid of the popcorn tin.

I recommend letting these dry overnight, but be sure to check the label of your paint for exact drying times! I used two coats of paint on mine.

Step #2: Cut vinyl letters out with your cutting machine

You can use any font you want. I have an older Cricut that only takes cartridges, so I used a few on the fonts I had on hand to create this one.

Step #3: Attach the vinyl to your new DIY food container.

Attach your vinyl letters to your dog food container and voila! You’re done! It is really super easy and doesn’t take a lot of time.

I’ve had this container for a while now and I’m considering switching it up now. If I do, I’ll let you all know!

Be sure to tag me on Instagram if you end up doing this craft yourself! 🙂

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