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I kept seeing adorable DIY paw art crafts on Pinterest and since we are currently quarantined, I finally decided to take the plunge and try it! I’m not going to lie, it was NOT easy with a Husky. We did have a slight mistake on Sassy’s art, but I was able to fix it pretty easily. I was pretty happy with the result and thought it turned out pretty cute. Read below for how we did it and what to do if you have a mishap with your paw art!

What You’ll Need:

What You’ll Need:

Gather your supplies and find an assistant. I had my son Cam help me because I knew Sassy would have no chill and I’d need a bit of assistance. 🙂

We took our supplies & Sassy outside. I put Sassy on a leash because if I wouldn’t have she would’ve just had the zoomies all over the yard because… well… Huskies! lol!

Pour the paint onto your small paper plate. I put Sassy’s paw directly in the paint but you could just put the paint on your dog’s paw with a brush. (Sassy doesn’t like her paws touched so she did not want me to brush the paint on her paw.) It is very important you used water-based paint for this part of the craft because that is what is safe for dogs!

Press your dog’s paw firmly on the canvas. If you can get two paw prints, that is ideal! I was able to get one paw print and a really messed up paw print.

If you should get a messed up paw print, you can use a paper towel, water and a Mr. Clean magic eraser to get the paint off of your canvas. It comes right off! I had to erase Sassy’s second print because it didn’t even look like a paw, it just looked like a blob.

I decided to go ahead and paint the stem and leaves of the flower, as well as the grass, with green paint I had on hand.

I felt like there was an awkward amount of room on my canvas that was empty, so I decided to take a purple Sharpie and write one of my favorite dog quotes on the canvas by hand.

I used a black sharpie to write Sassy’s name and the year we made our art.

After we did this, I had to give Sassy a bath because somehow she got pink paint on her tail, face, paw, and leg. lol! It all came right out with her doggy shampoo. 🙂

If you make this craft, we’d love to see it! Tag us on Instagram @laurabedokis or @sassylittlehusky!

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