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For Valentine’s Day, my amazing husband bought us tickets for Cardinals opening weekend!! I was so excited to go since we weren’t able to go to a game last year. He left out a tiny bit of info when he told me about our tickets though… our tickets were in the Redbird Club!!

The Redbird Club is a kind of “exclusive” area of Busch Stadium where you have your own bathrooms, bar, and eateries inside the stadium. I’m not going to lie, I think it was well worth the extra money to be in this area if you can afford it. We were able to get food and drinks so much quicker! It was nice to be closer to the bathroom also and not have to search out the closest one.

The weather was absolutely perfect for the Saturday game and we had so much fun even though the Cardinals lost. I’d never seen the Padres before so I can add them to my list now!

We definitely need to make it to at least one other game this year. Besides the game, I always have fun people watching too. 🙂

What MLB team is closest to you?

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