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Mercari is one of the top selling apps in 2020. It is my personal favorite and the one I’ve made the most money with. (I have used eBay, Poshmark, and Decluttr as well.) Today I’m going to tell you if you can really make money on Mercari (YES, you can!) and my top tips for selling on Mercari!

A few years ago, when I was selling my clothes on another app, I heard about Mercari. I wondered if the app was better than the one I was currently using so I posted a few listings to see what I could sell. In no time, I’d made money with Mercari and loved it so much that I ended up moving all my listings over to it.

Did you know there are people who are selling on Mercari as a full-time job? Yep, it’s true!! Mercari makes it super easy to list and sell your items. I tend to use Mercari most when I’m trying to make extra money to pay down debt or catch up on bills.

It is not a get-rich-quick sitch though. You have to put in time, effort, and be a good seller in order to be successful. It can take 5 business days to get paid so don’t depend on this money, but definitely use it to downsize your closet, go minimal, pay off some debt, or help you build a little savings fund.

In total, I’ve sold over 82 items and made almost $800 by selling items on Mercari. I know this number is low compared to some people but for me personally? It’s a lot! I used Mercari to earn an extra $200 before our honeymoon to Paris and I used it just last month to make an extra $175 to pay down some debt!!

I’ve only ever had one return with my listings (and the item was re-purchased by someone else a few days later) and I really pride myself on all of my 5-star reviews and my badges. I’ve been selling on Mercari for 2 years now and am proud of my fast responder,  verified, and fast shipper badges!!

You can list a variety of items – I’ve sold everything from Scooby-Doo DVDs to a jewelry box to clothing!

The best part about Mercari? They email you a prepaid shipping label – literally all you do is package your item, slap the label on, and ship your item and your job is done!!

I like that I can drop off my items in the local USPS box or at my local CVS or UPS store for the orders that need to be shipped UPS. I don’t have to worry about finding a place locally to meet with a stranger – just the idea gives me the heebie-jeebies! Lol

Getting paid is super simple too! Once you have a balance of $2 or more, you can simply request a direct deposit into your checking account. It only takes a few days normally. 

If you go through the verification process, which is also super easy, you can now get immediate deposits to your account with your debit card too!

What’s the cost, you ask? Mercari takes a flat 10% fee when you complete a sale. This was appealing to me personally because some other apps take more than that from your amount. Just be sure to factor this small fee in when you price items!

Top Mercari Selling Tips

#1. Take good quality photos.

This is the most important thing to consider when you want to make money on Mercari. Because you aren’t meeting up with people, they need to get a good look at your actual item! 

You don’t have to use a professional camera, just use your smartphone. Apps like Lightroom can help you brighten and sharpen your photos but don’t go too crazy with filters and the like.

Take photos of your items in front of a window so they are well-lit and be sure to take photos of your items at least 3 angles.

This does take time but it will help you sell SO much more than if you take crappy, dark photos. 

#2. Use descriptive headlines and keywords in the description of your item.

Be sure to always add the brand, color and style keywords in the headlines and descriptions of your items. Even though the app has places you select these anyway, it is still important.

#3. Utilize the 3 hashtags they give you.

Be sure to hashtag the type of item (i.e. satchel handbag) and the brand (i.e. Kate Spade) of your items when you are selling them. Never leave off the hashtags because you could be sacrificing views by trying to save 10 seconds.

#4. Add important info to the listing.

Be sure to detail if you are a smoke and/or pet free home. People with allergies will thank you and you won’t risk getting an item returned for something silly.

#5. ALWAYS be honest in your descriptions.

If a handbag has a scuff or a pen mark on the interior, be sure to say so. You don’t get ahead selling with Mercari by being dishonest. And as long as you price accordingly, many people will still buy your item!

#6. Be strategic about your pricing.

Always search an item before you list it so you can see how much other items SOLD for. This is one of my best strategies. I rarely will list my item at the same prices that others are. A big key for me is filtering the search to show what the items sold for rather than what they were listed for. Price $1-2 over the sold amounts you see to give yourself some bargaining room.

#7. Use the promote button!

There is a limit to how many listings per day that you can promote. (I think it’s 10?) Promote your items though and Mercari gives them a boost. 

#8. Be generous with offers.

Since you have a buffer amount figured into your pricing, you have a bit of room to offer people a discount on your items. When someone likes an item, an easy way to get them to purchase it is to make them offers.

#9. Stay active!

Selling on Mercari takes some time, but the more you are active, the more you will sell. By promoting your listings, communicating with potential buyers honestly and listing new items consistently, you will eventually sell on Mercari.

So there you have it, YES, you can DEFINITELY make money with Mercari if you put in a little extra time and effort. It’s a win-win really, you are reducing waste, making money, and finding a new home for clothing and other items you are no longer using.

Got questions about selling on Mercari? Leave them below, I’d love to try and help you out!

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