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We are a member of a lot of husky groups and we also get a lot of questions since we have a Husky. If we’ve learned anything, we’ve learned that people will always ask you about your Husky when you are out and about! 

Husky owners always tend to have the same questions about their Huskies too. We see these questions constantly online, so we decided to do a post about it today.

Here are the top 6 questions Husky owners always have about their Huskies!

#1. How long can I leave my Husky at home?

Huskies are very pack-oriented pups  which means they love to be with their families. This means they don’t really do that well when they are left alone for extensive periods of time. 

If you are going to be gone more than 8 hours per day, a Husky is probably not for you. They have a lot of energy and love attention. If you aren’t home, you won’t be there to give them the attention they need. 

This can manifest in doing things out of boredom or they can even develop separation anxiety. It’s best if you can be around your Husky and give them plenty of walkies and pets!

#2. Is my Husky big/small/thin/heavy enough?

Husky owners always worry about the size of their Husky. They want their Husky to be an appropriate size. 

The truth is that the breed standard of Huskies is that males are 40-60 pounds and females are 35-50 pounds.  Many people believe Huskies should be larger than they actually end up being. We had the same thought when it came to Sassy. Everyone always calls her small and while she is on the smaller end of the weight scale (at 38lbs.), she is perfectly healthy and at a breed standard weight.

If your Husky weighs more, it just means their mom or dad was probably a bit bigger. Not all Huskies will meet breed standard! As long as your pup is happy and eats normally, and checks out well with your vet, he or she is fine. 🙂

#3. Can you have other animals with Huskies?

The answer to this question varies. The short answer is yes. You can have other dogs and animals with Huskies.

It is best if you raise your dog with these animals, or that they’ve been around other animals if they are a rescue pup. Huskies like to play a lot and they like to play rough, so your other animal should learn this or come to expect it at least.

Sassy would be terrible around cats because she’s never been around them enough. But she is great with other dogs because she was socialized around them as a puppy.

Basically, it depends on how you raise your Husky, but it’s up to you.

#4. What is the best food for my Husky.

Honestly, the best food for your Husky is one that they do well on. Huskies are notorious for having sensitive stomachs. So if they are doing well and really liking the food you have them on, that is the best food for them.

We feed Sassy Whole Earth Foods and she does really well on it. Her coat is really shiny, but we went through about 3 other foods before we found one she did well on.

You know your Husky the best. As long as they are thriving, they are just fine.

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#5. Are huskies difficult to own?

No, but there is a learning curve to owning Huskies which is why many people say they shouldn’t necessarily be peoples’ first dogs.

You have to have a lot of understanding and patience with a Husky. You have to train them and know that they are Huskies. They will not behave 100% of the time ever.

They are super smart and can be trained to be very polite members of your household. 🙂

#6. They sleep in funny positions.

We always see people ask if it’s normal for their Husky to sleep in these crazy positions, and yes it’s totally normal!!

Huskies are super funny sleepers. They like to sleep on their backs on the floor. And they often get in very twisty positions, lol.

Sassy loves cool places that are close to us which means she’s often on the floor directly underneath us, lol.

So there you have it! The most popular questions about owning a Husky answered. 

What questions do you always get or have about your Husky??

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