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New Orleans is definitely one of our favorite cities that we have visited together! It is a great couples destination, but would also be a perfect gal pal getaway. Want amazing food with all of the amazing architecture and historical sights the south has to offer?! NOLA is your spot! New Orleans is truly a perfect mixture of both fun and rich history all in one place. Here are 12 things you can’t miss in the Big Easy!

#1. French Quarter

The French Quarter boasts beautiful buildings just like the ones you see in the photos! The architecture is gorgeous and definitely something to see. It did remind me a lot of Paris in some areas. Almost every building in this area is from the early 1800’s when the Spanish still controlled New Orleans.

Although there were a few incidents on Bourbon Street while we were there, I never felt afraid really. You do have to be mindful of safety and be observant of your surroundings throughout the city. That’s no different from anywhere else really though!

#2. Garden District

I saw some of the biggest trees I’ve ever seen in the Garden District. They are so unique in how they grow and that the branches extend over so much area. The photos don’t do it justice.

We did this walking tour of the Garden District and it was great! We saw John Goodman’s house, Sandra Bullock’s house and even Archie Manning’s house (father of Eli & Peyton)!

#3. Lafayette Cemetery #1

Since we ended up by the Lafayette Cemetery #1 in the Garden District, we decided to do a quick walking tour of it also. This tour was a little harder to follow. I’d recommend printing these out before you go, but we couldn’t do that since we did it on the fly. Nevertheless, we did end up finding the things on the tour even after we got “lost” in the cemetery, lol. (You can’t actually get lost, it isn’t big enough, but we did get off the tour somehow.)

#4. Jackson Square & St. Louis Cathedral

The cleanest part of the city rests here in Jackson Square. If you go on a weekend day, you may find various artists selling their wares and paintings. You can also see performs on the street in front of the gorgeous cathedral. Since you can drink while on foot around town, we picked up a few drinks and sipped them while we walked around taking it all in.

#5. Tree of Life

Venture out to Audubon Park and you can check out the Tree of Life. Be ready to take an extended Lyft ride out to this beauty. Our driver wasn’t sure where the tree was actually located so when he dropped us out in front of the zoo, we had to walk a bit to get there. There are so many gorgeous old trees, I was afraid we would miss the right one at first! It was actually setup to have a wedding underneath it on the day we went. The Tree of Life was planted around 1740! It withstood Katrina and has been witness to countless events. It was absolutely gorgeous and definitely worth the visit!

#6. Go on a Ghost Tour!

If you are a fan of learning the history of New Orleans with some theatrical elements added in, you are going to love Lord Chaz! We learned so much about the creepy and sometimes ghastly history of New Orleans on this tour. Lord Chaz mixes truth with folklore in such a masterful way. He can somehow stop his pulse (verified by a Paramedic who was on our tour), and is disturbingly cold all the time. Oh, and be forewarned, he does something wild at the end of the tour! We would totally do this one again.

#7. LaLaurie Mansion

Be sure to check out one of the most haunted places in the USA while you are in New Orleans. We stopped by during the day, but wished we had experienced it at night also. Read more about the history of the home Nicholas Cage once owned here.

#8. Bourbon Street

We spent two evenings down on Bourbon Street and that was enough for us. It is a bit wild, but there are so many places to hear live music we couldn’t resist!! Couple that with the people watching and we couldn’t just do one evening there.

#9. Frenchman Street – Spotted Cat

A trip to Frenchman Street would not be complete without checking out The Spotted Cat! We went there toward when it had opened and we were able to experience some great live music. The lady in the band even did some tap dancing to accompany the band! Very unique and they had great drinks too! I would love to go back and experience this in the evening sometime.

#10. Brieux Carre Brewing Co.

If you’ve followed us, you know we always like to check out breweries no matter where we are and when two nice girls from Chicago suggested this one to us, we had to check it out while we were near Frenchman Street.

#11. Explore the French Market

Check out local homemade products, art and more at the French Market. This beautiful setup also has a few eateries and beverage stops inside, as well. We are much on purchasing souvenirs, but we did purchase a King Cake wax melt along with a birthday cake melt.

#12. Airboat Adventures tour

We loved our Airboat Adventures tour so much that I am writing a whole post about it! Whether you’ve done an airboat ride before or not, you HAVE to experience the Airboat Adventures ride. You will learn so much from your guide and see gators right next to your boat! We even got to hold a baby gator. 🙂

What is your favorite thing to do in New Orleans?!

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