Visiting Memphis

in Travel, November 6, 2018

We had a great visit to the home of the blues! Exploring Memphis for 4 days, we saw so many cool places. We heard great live music and felt the presence of some of America’s favorite people in the city. Here were some of our favorite Memphis experiences!

#1 – Lorraine Motel

The first landmark we visited was the Lorraine Motel where MLK was assassinated. We did not have enough time to visit the rest of the National Civil Rights Museum but hope we can next time we are there. It was a spooky feeling seeing the very place where MLK passed.

#2 – Sun Studios

Visiting the place where Elvis and so many other prominent Blues artists were discovered was amazing! We took the guided tour and it was so neat to learn all about how the recording studio was founded and came to be. We stood in the exact room Elvis and so many other greats recorded and it left us a little speechless. There was definitely a different kind of feel in that room, it is hard to describe!


#3 – Bass Pro Shop (aka the Memphis Pyramid)

This Bass Pro Shop is the largest one of it’s kind and even has a hotel inside it! It was so fun to walk through and they even had interactive games like the one you see my husband playing above.


#4 – The Peabody Hotel

A visit to Memphis isn’t complete without checking out the Peabody Duck parade at the Peabody Hotel. We also went to the roof to see the Duck Palace where they live. There were some amazing views from here and I definitely want to stay there sometime.

#5 – Beale Street

You can’t go to Memphis without visiting Beale Street. See where we had fun hanging out in this post. Beale Street has a very Vegas vibe about it, but on a much smaller scale. Definitely a must-see!

#6 – Memphis Zoo

We had a blast visiting the Memphis Zoo and all it had to offer. It was HOT, but we were there in July so what else would you expect?! They had different Lego art featured when we were there (the Peacock you see with my husband above). Memphis Zoo has several different animals than the ones we are used to seeing in St. Louis. I even checked an item off my bucket list – feeding a giraffe!!

#7 – The Cotton Museum

We took a quick trip to The Cotton Museum since it was near our hotel! It was a neat little place full of artifacts and information about the history of cotton and the part Memphis played in its distribution and sale.

Have you been to Memphis? Leave your favorite place to go in the comments!

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