As a hiring manager, there’s nothing that makes me want to hit delete faster than the application of a job hopper. What’s a job hopper? It is someone who has had multiple positions within a short period of time. Job hoppers are viewed by hiring managers as undependable and a flight risk when sometimes (and I do emphasize sometimes), they just really aren’t sure what they want to do. So let’s talk about how to get a job if YOU are a job hopper yourself.

#1 Explain yourself.

Write a cover letter explaining why you have had so many different employers, ONLY IF you have a valid reason. I think of some valid reasons being things like being a stay at home mom, caring for a loved one, or getting laid off. If you are exploring positions to find one you would be a good fit in, say that in your cover letter. Be honest, but not too honest. Always have a cover letter though. Otherwise, you look just like everyone else.


#2 Change the type of jobs you’re applying for.

If you just didn’t get along with people or didn’t like the other jobs, it might be time to look for a job where you can work independently. By working independently, you will have less interaction with other people. Avoid applying for jobs that require you to work with a team every day.  DON’T let them know you’re not a “team player”, but DO let them know you’re great at working independently.


#3 Prepare yourself & take your time.

Really do some self-searching and make a list of qualities you want in a job. Then find jobs that only go along with those items on your list.

My list for my last job search was as follows:

  • Pay me for what I was really worth
  • Healthcare benefits (even though my husband had benefits, I wanted my own.)
  • Office environment
  • Hiring and human resourcing
  • Preferably, my own office so I wasn’t in a cubicle.

I got all of those, but I didn’t do it by applying for every single office job in my area. I took the time that was required of me to read job descriptions and really picture myself in that spot.

#4 Show off your accomplishments.

Maybe that last job wasn’t perfect for you, or maybe you even got fired. Everyone contributes something to their workplaces. Show off what you did that was great whether it was increasing sales, being very dependable, or just providing solid customer support.

I was once a job hopper, but I eventually found some good fits for me. It took some growing up and really discovering what I wanted to do before I really found my great job home though.

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