Dog Halloween Safety Tips

in Dog Mom, October 29, 2018

Although fun for some, Halloween can be a scary or anxious time for our doggy besties. Here are the dog Halloween safety tips we implement with Sassy to help keep things normal for her!

#1. Keep pets indoors & in a ‘safe’ room.

Some neighborhoods can be crowded on Halloween evening. With the constant opening of the door for trick-or-treaters, the last thing you want is your pooch escaping. Keeping pets indoors and in a room further from the from door can help keep them calm when the doorbell is going crazy.


#2. Take the party outside.

Setting up your candy outside is another option and one we will likely be doing here. This way, your pet isn’t stressed out about the doorbell ringing, and can roam the house as if it was ‘business as usual’.


#3. Keep candy out of reach.

This one is a no brainer, but making sure to even keep it off counters is a must, especially if you have a curious or destructive pup! I cleared out some cabinet space so we can hide ours. 


#4. Keep watch of pets while they are in costumes at all times.

You never know when your pup will get a wild hair about them and take to chewing on their cute little costume. We only know this from experience. 🙂  Even leaving your pup alone in his/her costume for a few minutes can mean the demise of the costume, or a tummy potentially full of stuffing.


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