Are Huskies Destructive?

in Dog Mom, November 17, 2018

“Are Huskies really THAT destructive?” This has to be the #1 I get from people. I want to preface this post by saying that Sassy appears to be much less destructive than your average Husky. We like to call her “selectively naughty.” I do believe that one of the reasons she is not more destructive is because on the days she doesn’t go to daycare, we crate her. We crate trained her as a puppy and now as an adult dog, she is totally fine in her crate and understands she has to be in it.

She has Kong toys in her crate because those are the only ones we can really trust her with. I have no idea why she decided to randomly destroy the items below, BUT she did.

Disclaimer: This post is just for fun, and also is to be informative for prospective Husky parents. We know Sassy doesn’t mean anything bad by these things and that she’s just following her Husky instincts! She rarely gets in trouble because we often find these things after the fact, and when we do catch her, she just gets told NO because we are softies and she is the baby!!

#1. My winter coat – I wore my winter coat one time to Chicago before I had to buy a new coat because Sassy completely chewed up the bottom of the left sleeve.

#2. Our kitchen flooring – Our flooring has had a small tiny hole in it since we moved it. It was never anything we were worried about. One morning we woke up and went out to the kitchen to discover she’d made it quite a large hole! Yes, that’s right, she chewed on our vinyl flooring.

#3. Our bedroom TV stand – She has now twice chewed on both ends of our bedroom TV stand. It was cheap and it is at least 10 years old so I wasn’t really that mad, BUT it is still now destroyed.

#4. Our backyard – Huskies are notorious diggers, but Sassy didn’t start digging up our yard until a few months ago. Our backyard is riddled with various holes up to at least a foot deep. 🙂

#5. Our internet – Sassy chewed through the small part of our internet cable that was attached to our wall outside. Not sure why because it’s been there the whole time she has (longer, in fact!). Thankfully we didn’t have to pay to replace it, but now we keep an extra eye on her out there.

#6. Our wall in the dining area – we have an open concept floor plan so our living, dining, and kitchen are all in one. There is a chip in the wall that happened either before or right when we moved all our furniture in. Well, apparently Sassy didn’t like that and she decided to chew on the wall.

#7. Her tail – When she gets extra bored with her toys in her crate at home, she chews on her tail. We increased the days she goes to daycare from 2 days to 3 days now because of this. I really would love to leave her out in the house, but she just has to be in her crate because, well, see the above!

The amount of love and joy this Sassy little Husky provides outweighs having to replace material things for us!

Do you have a Husky? Have you seen these types of things?


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