I remember bringing Sassy home when she was a puppy like it was yesterday! We loaded the boys into the car and drove an hour and half to a home in the middle of the woods. I knew we were in the right place because driving up the driveway, we saw two husky puppies! In a house full of boys, I needed the baby girl husky. I had no clue what we needed though and I bet you don’t either if you’re reading this. So here are my favorite puppy essentials!


Two days before, I had finally found a legit Husky breeder in our area. It was kind of a long road even to this point, so we were so excited. I made arrangements with them to pick up our puppy – we got to choose between a boy and a girl.

The night before we picked Sassy up, we went to Petsmart to gather the things we needed. We didn’t know if we would pick the boy pup or the girl pup when we got there so we got gender-neutral colored items. We got her a collar, leash, food and water bowls, the puppy food that the breeder was using, some treats, a few toys and a crate. We did not use puppy pads because I had read that it encouraged puppies to go to the bathroom inside the house and we definitely didn’t want that. We did just fine without them. You can read about our potty training strategy here.


We ended up picking Sassy and the day after we brought her home, we figured out all the things we needed in addition to the few things we bought to start out, lol! We had gotten the wrong kind of food (thankfully the breeder provided a small bag we could use for her first few meals at our house), so we took it back and got the right one.

Here’s a quick video of Sassy playing with one of her toys when she was just a pup on her first night at our house! 🙂

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puppy essentials by laura bedokis

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